Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What is Unconditional Love?

                                             What is Unconditional Love?

After a discussion I recently had about love during an interview, it really caused me to take pause and reflect on what love is.

If I perceive love the way in which it has been presented to us in this 3rd dimensional reality, it is very superficial and ego based. Distorted love is very conditional, based on how someone makes you feel, and how much in agreement they are with your personal belief systems. Distorted love can quickly turn into many different things. It can become disappointment, resentment, anger and hate. The reason that is so is because we have created so many expectations around the word love.

Unconditional love has been proclaimed by many including myself, yet unconditional love has no expectations, no limitations, no boundaries and no judgments of any kind. Therefore, once a condition of any kind has been put on love it is no longer unconditional. Love is very ephemeral in this dimension.
As, I really felt deep into this, into my memory and awareness of unconditional love, it became more clear to me how to express this verbally, though it is hard to experience it in actions with all of the distortions we are currently experiencing.

We are always connected to our Greater Being/Higher-Self/Infinite Essence, but because we are experiencing ourselves in multidimensional states of being as fractals of our Whole Sanctified Being, we have forgotten who we are. This divinely created manifestation is supporting every experience that our souls are to have immaculately. In the Higher Dimensions of where our Indestructible Unlimited Infiniteness resides we are Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is what created and sustains all that is and always has been.

When observing this reality from my Heart Center in connection with My Greater Being I Am experiencing and witnessing unconditional love. It is not a feeling as we would associate it mentally within our earthly bodies. It is a graceful inflowment of harmonies, frequencies and vibrations where we are beings of Infinite Light and Infinite Love beyond the void. It is beyond time, limitations and illusions of separation, beyond all of the drama and the roles we play in this arena.

There is no good versus evil. There is only Love, and that is Infinite Isness of Just Being…

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ronald Fellion & Patricia Farrington On Truth Beyond The Earthly Matrix 6-10-2017

Ronald and Patricia will do a three part series of events covering Ronald’s Book Truth Beyond The Earthly Matrix.
During this first event we will discuss the first 5 chapters.
Chapter 1: Defining Words such as God, Source, Ego Minds, Consciousness and Others.
Chapter 2: Sin and Karma, Matrix Traps for Fear and Guilt.
Chapter 3: Reincarnation a matrix trap or reality.
Chapter 4: The illusion of Fear.
Chapter 5: Love is not the answer to fixing leaving this world

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Our Reality Is A Divinely Created Puzzle

This reality is a divinely created puzzle. All of the pieces appear to be scattered in chaos. Yet, everything we need to know about ourselves, our universe, and why we are here lie await for the day that each individual begins to put their pieces of the puzzle together.
There has always been order in the chaos. We have always been a fractal of our divine expression. You want answers? You want truth? You want to remember who you are? Let's together in love as we experience, observe these pieces come together and watch this divine puzzle reveal itself. As we have created so it will be.
Remember that broken pieces, separation and lack of knowing are all illusions.
The truth has always been within every fractal and cell of our beings. We are the Creators. We are the Way Showers!
Know your magnificence!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Conversation Between Friends, Barry Turlock & Patricia Farrington

This is a casual conversation between two friends sharing their experiences and perspectives on Twin Flame relationships and the intense energies that are being felt on Mother Earth and in our Cosmos this week.


Friday, May 12, 2017

James Bartley and Patricia Farrington Episode 1 5/11/2017

James and Patricia will be doing quarterly discussions on Alien, Reptilian & Military Abductions. The roles of these beings and how they affect Humanity on Earth. This will lead into how this all plays out on an Universal level. This is the first of many to come.  Thank you for joining us.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Door To Wisdom Is Knowing Yourself...

I have a little something that I have felt for weeks that needed to be expressed. It will be received well by some, and be offensive to others, but that is what happens when we speak from our hearts. This is intended for those that it resonates with in knowing you are not alone and that our creative energy is powerful.
There is a lot of drama being played out in the arena, which for many is a very painful process, and for others it is exciting representing a time of great change, a time of transformation that will bring us back to center point and remembering who we are as Divine Infinite Creators.
These dramas have been masterfully created as a distraction. Every faction is vying for superiority over our Mother PlanET and HU-Manity. And, as long as we are buying tickets for the events, showing up, picking a team and raging against those that appear to be our adversaries, we are not victorious. We are trophies, gold medals, badges of honor to those feeding off of this energy. Whenever someone attempts to exert power over us, that means they fear us. That fear of us and loss of power over us is their motivating factor in continuing to perform acts that keep us in a state of anger, fear, separation and self-loathing. Because we are mirroring back to them what they are projecting onto us, if we continue to engage in this repetitive loop.
There are many, not all, out there right now that have elevated themselves up as teachers, mentors, healers and ones that have the answers on how to exit this particular Matrix we are experiencing. Their actions are not proving to be integral with their words, and their words aren’t aligning with the work they are selling. I see many contradictions and feel so much deception on so many levels going on. So many caught up in the drama’s they claim to be free of. If it doesn’t feel right to you, trust your heart. We can’t follow everyone that has a service to sell. And, at the same time we are all co-creating everything that we are witnessing and will all fall into place with the timeline that is aligned with our soul’s destiny. I know this, and this is being written to the tribe that aligns with the journey that is returning to center, where there is no right or wrong. It is the place of Being where you are in Unity with all that is.
We have lost memory of the Infinite Love that we are. Many feel lost and disconnected from their Higher Self. But, that is an illusion that yet again has been fabricated. It served an amazing purpose that allowed for exploration, and self-discovery.
Being a Warrior does not mean that one has to engage in an energetic or physical battle that entangles us in a web of entrapment. I have a few phrases I repeat over and over again, because they are so powerful! During this period of great change… Remember Who You Are… Know Thyself… Just Be…
To master feeling complete in one’s aloneness is to master being complete in one’s oneness. Mastering knowing myself. We are never alone, we are always in state of wholeness and oneness with all that is outside of the illusion. KNOW THYSELF!  

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Birthing Growth And Love...

How much growth has been birthed from your traumas in this incarnation? How much growth from the experiences of love in this incarnation have you birthed? We all choose...

Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Silence Has The Ability To Be My Greatest Strength...

My silence has the ability to be my greatest strength. My intention to not give attention to a drama that doesn't resonate with my spirit is not only empowering, but it is standing in my Sovereignty to not allow any of the powers that be to have control over me. My energy is shielded and honored. I Am and We Are. We Are Much Bigger Than We Know, but we are Remembering. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Free Your Mind And Allow Yourself To Feel...

Cells hear our consciousness; consciousness needs to remember to listen to our cells too.  What we speak to ourselves affects our cellular body and has the potential to become a false belief system in us. We have a heart consciousness and a mind consciousness that organically work together and create in harmony and love. But, we live in a world where humanity is being controlled by a Matrix for the mind. If someone were to ask you how you feel, would you know the answer? Or, would your mind intercept describing symptoms, but not feelings, do anything to avoid connecting to your heart consciousness to allow you to feel? Would your mind naturally avoid connection or is it the Matrix designed to keep you unplugged from the truth of who you are?

I recently experienced an energetic attack, which has not happened in quite some time. It made me feel disoriented and left me questioning myself. I connected with a soul sister shortly after instead of withdrawing, which is an easy pattern to fall into. She asked me how I felt. I started describing physical pains and how I could improve my body with what I eat, exercise etc. She said nope, stop, feel don’t think. That is your brain, not what you are feeling. Empty your mind. I think we all know how hard it is to empty our minds. I placed my hands on my heart center, and I asked my mind to step back, take a break and allow me to feel. It wasn’t the brains responsibility to feel, and with the challenges it faces on a daily basis from all of the programming it is tired. It needs us to give it a break and allow it to just be when we are able. Almost immediately there was total darkness surrounding me, it was my empty mind and then my heart consciousness was the strong presence and my body really began to feel. And, it wasn’t about judging the energetic attack. It was about remembering that my body needed to feel loved. My essence is love and this energetic force is bringing into my awareness an aspect of my shadow self to integrate and heal so that I can continue to remember. My body began to feel warm, cradled and my own energetic presence, my infinite light, The I Am that I Am. Once my mind was cleared from all of the programmed responses I could then engage with mind, body, soul, heart centered essence and I spoke empowering, loving, accepting, words out loud that needed to reverberate into this universe and connect with every fractal of my being as my cellular consciousness had just made a proclamation and it was another layer of deception and belief systems that were dismantled. Thank you for the experience Universe! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Unconditional Love And Acceptance.

n my household the dynamics are so interesting. I am a vegan and my husband is not. I am sitting here eating lentil soup and he is eating his choice of food. Our feline family members are hanging out with him, while I am sitting in my corner in peace and enjoying my meal. lol! What I love about my family is that we really do live the talk. We love unconditionally. We aren't always on the same page with our life choices, but we do allow one another to be and we learn from one another every day. I use to think I wanted someone just like me, but now I know that the journey is so much more interesting when we have someone that brings out things in us that needed to be remembered. The differences do not put us at odds or tear us apart, because our energy is truly aligned with acceptance and gratitude, and that has created an inseparable bond.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Take Back Your Sovereignty and Shine As The I Am That You Are!

 I have observed people tearing one another apart, because of the events and the energy that is flowing in this Universe. So, I share this from my heart with the intention to share love from my heart and hopefully shake us all up a little to start asking questions to ourselves. If it offends you, ask yourself why? If it resonates with you ask yourself why? This is a journey of self discovery. Remember in the center of every beLIEf system you have been taught a lie and it is in your face if you will just start to question it. 
If you beLIEve in Politics you have been deceived.
If you beLIEve in Religion you have been deceived.
If you beLIEve in Patriotism you have been deceived.
If you beLIEve in The Constitution you have been deceived.
If you beLIEve in Borders you have been deceived.
If you beLIEve in Justice/The JUST-US system you have been deceived.
If you beLIEve in Science you have been deceived.
If you beLIEve that modern medicine is your friend you have been deceived. What is called alternative medicine is organic pure healing.
If you beLIEve the Government is here to serve you, you have been deceived. Latin origin of the infamous term 'Government'. The word 'Government' comes from the Latin verb gubernare: "to control," and the Latin noun mens: "mind". ... Government literally means Mind Control.
If you beLIEve in The Education system you have been deceived.
If you beLIEve there is a good and bad, and you are just good or just bad you have been deceived.
If you beLIEve that anything that exists on this PlanET isn't a living being that feels and experiences you have been deceived.
The very people that wanted you to beLIEve in God the Tooth Fairy The Easter Bunny and Santa Clause are the ones running our lives and we just say yes and celebrate the LiEs and pass them down generation after generation.
Is it not time to take back our Sovereignty and Remember Who We Are? Every thing beautiful and grand in my life has come from my Heart Essence and the rest is BS. Let us no longer be divided by the Matrix AI System created to divide and conquer. It is our time to rise into the Creators that we are and say no more! We Know Who We Are!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Separation Is Our Delusion, Remembering Is Our Solution!

As Above, So Below, The journey goes on whatever path we choose to go. As Within, So With Out. What we have created our Souls bear witness to. We are Universal Creators limitless and infinite. We have no beginning and we have no end. Only endless possibilities of creation and discovery. From one Universe to another we are star families sisters and brothers creating in unity and harmony. Separation is our delusion, Remembering is our solution. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Deconstructing In Order To Fulfill Our Destiny

Life is a symphony created by all beings with a harmonious flow of deconstructing experiences in order to fulfill our destiny of expression in our fractal duality reality. An illusion of not being whole as we bravely sojourn as Beings of Light. We are Way Showers and We Light the Way!  


Friday, December 2, 2016

Free Yourself from The Illusion!

True! Question every beLIEf system that has become your truth, because someone else told you what to beLIEve. Trust your wisdom, your experiences and your heart. Break free from the illusions and Know Thyself! Within you, you already know it all! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Earth Frequency Meditation: Schumann Earth Resonance. Grounding, meditat...

The illusion of Separation and Division is all around us. Let's take time to reconnect with our Earth Mother Gaia Sophia through our Heart Center. Mind, body and Soul.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Sun Tarot Card Drawn for November 10 2016

. The Sun's Astrology: The Sun is concerned with the solar, or outward aspects of the self, and renewed vitality after the dark night of the soul encountered under the Moon.
The Hebrew letter for the is Resh, meaning the head and also success. On the Tree of Life, the Sun appears on the twentieth pathway between the spheres of Yeshod and Hod. Yeshod governs the moon and the unconscious mind, and Hod is the sphere of the rational mind. The Sun integrates these two aspects, suggesting happiness and spiritual growth.
The Sun brings success and achievement and is one of the most positive cards in the major arcana. If you have had a challenging time, the Sun shows that every aspect of your life will improve. You will also enjoy more energy.
The Sun's Symbols:
The Sun:The Sun is a symbol of consciousness, happiness, and self expression. The solar power of the Sun signifies energy and good health.
The Child: Simplicity, innocence, purity and wholeness-These are all elements of the happy inner child. The child has six small flowers in hair in the spirit of celebration.
The Sunflowers: Growth, beauty and strength-The sunflowers grow tall above the level of the wall, reaching upward to see what is beyond the boundaries. The four sunflowers may symbolize the four elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth-everything that is needed for life. As the sunflower when young turns its head to capture the sun throughout the day, so this tells us the search for light is our true nature.
The Walled Garden: Boundaries, security, and protection.
The White Gray Horse: He represents the vehicle for our soul-the physical body.
The Red Flag: Illustrates energy and vitality.
The Red Feather: Represents Life Force.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Infinite Soul Traveler's

    If you ever start to feel like you are a mere character in the play of another. Take note! There is no reason to feel a victim. This is an Ah-Ha Moment when you begin to discover that you are a Co-Creator. The Author and Creator of Your Own Journey Co-Creating with Others to bring about Awareness of Self through Experiences in the Roles We Play! We are a Fractal of All. 

                                                                                Infinite Soul Traveler's We Are!                                                                          

Shine Like Gold

                  Become One With The Fire... Steadily Flow With It... And, You Will Shine Like Gold.                                                                                                                                                                            

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I plead with myself to stop hiding. Please I cried reveal myself to me! Let me see all that I am in all of my beauty. I don't have to remember it all or know it all. I just need to feel for one moment in this time what it is like to be me wholeheartedly, whole and infinite! No illusions! Out of the darkness with eyes wide opened, she danced all around me, covered me in our Infinite Light and Wisdom with Divine Love. We danced the dance of creation and sovereignty and embraced our unity. This is a moment in this illusionary timeline that is mine to cherish. We danced the dance of purity My Higher-Self and Me

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Out of My Head and into My Heart. Out of My Doubt and Fear and into My Knowing. Out of my Victimhood and into My Infinite Creatorhood. I AM and I AM Limitless. Infinite Love... YES!

Rise! Rise! Rise!

Remember Who You Are...

Infinite Love! Infinite Wisdom! The I AM that I AM!

Monday, April 11, 2016

You Are The Love You Are Seeking

I know memes are all over and annoying at times, but sometimes one grabs your heart and you gotta share it. We create expectations that can't be met and we desire others to fulfill us, but only we can fulfill ourselves. Love is an inside job. No one can live up to loving you as you need to be loved other than you. Only you know yourself that well. Expecting others to know you on that level means that you first have to be vulnerable and honest with yourself, and that there is nothing hidden or inauthentic. The only time I am at peace, and in love is when I am being me wholeheartedly and loving myself unconditionally.

How Deep Must We Go?

How deep must we go? Is there a bottomless pit that leads to nowhere? What if we take a risk and allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to dive into that pit and discover that it actually leads to KnowWhere? The deeper we go the more aware and empowered we are. It is raw, but is real and it is where you remember the truth about who you are. No illusions no one to blame no shame. Embodying all that you are wholeheartedly. This is returning to innocence...

I AM...

I AM What I AM and that is What I AM! I Love Being Me in all of My Totality! Every Day Whether Blissful or Dismal was Created By Me for Me. A Day spent in the Office, that Feels so unlike ME, Also Allows ME to have Days when I can JustBeMe... Come Rain or Shine I AM ALWAYS Divine! I AM Eternal and this I KNOW! YOU and I Co-Create this Journey so Surreal, and yet Real. WE are Individuals, yet WE are ONE in UNITY. WE are Mirroring US each and Everyone! I Love YOU and YOU LOVE ME. Separation it just Feels a Part of this Finite Reality. Every Role WE Play is a Lesson Learned and Wisdom Gained. We Play these Roles to Show the Way. For WE are The WayShowers and WE Light the Way. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016


By: Super Woo Radio
Description: After a plethora of wonderful feedback from many of our listeners Patricia and I have decided to join together once again for the creation of “Universal Dialogue Part 2”. Passion is probably the best descriptive for this episode, as we venture further into the territory of sharing the knowledge and the wisdom that truly breaks the chains, breaks through the barriers, and exposes the deceptions that are holding us and our Human race in bondage. This conversation between two people who know that there journey through this Universe is reaching completion is not just another exercise in feeding the mind, nor entertaining it, but rather a dialogue that speaks straight from, and to, the Soul. It is a powerful statement into the Matrix! So please make yourself at home, sit back, get comfy and enjoy this intriguing and paradigm breaking Universal Dialogue. Music for this episode is brought to you by Medwyn Goodall The Album: Dreamweaver and is available at http://www.medwyngoodall.net


George Kavassilas was gracious in offering me an invitation to interview him. I am deeply grateful for the experience that we shared with one another. I received clarity on some things that he wrote in his book, and some confirmations of my own personal knowings.
This discussion includes several themes that are of interest to me as well as many of my friends. We discussed the Glue in the Matrix that George shared previously, Twin Flames, Unconditional Love, Sovereignty, and Ascension/Inscension depending how one feels about this, and of course we couldn’t not discuss the God Program some. It was a great Heartfelt connection that we shared. I am happy and honored to share it with you.



Many of you that have known me for some time know that I have vivid memories of one of my past lives in which I lived. This particular time period is during the time of King Arthur and I feel very connected to all things Celtic. I was full of memories of a life lived in fear, trapped and seeking escape only to always reach dead ends. I have had these memories since my early childhood, but didn’t understand them. And of course as I matured in the Matrix programming and started the journey into Religion all things that connect you to your organic spirituality are deemed evil. For most of my life I tried to suppress these memories or attribute them to something Satanic trying to steer me away from “God”.
It was very easy for me to run from these memories, because most of the memories were riddled with panic, fear, pain, sadness and loss. But, in my dream reality there was no escape. Consistently throughout my life no matter where I was in my journey, my dream reality kept these memories alive. It made it real easy then to look at these memories as nothing more than reoccurring nightmares. It is so easy to lie to yourself when you are not ready to face the truth of your Eternal Infinite Being.
As I continued on my path in this incarnation and started to see all the false paradigms for what they are, my awareness really began to expand and take me to a place of self-exploration rather than accepting the truths being dished out to the masses. I had to look at these memories again and embrace what was being shared with me in my dream reality. This was my Inner Eternal Essence waking me to an incredible healing journey that I have been on ever since.
This healing process is no joke, because you don’t just put the pain behind you. I had to dive into the pain that I have experienced in this incarnation and heal in the now right where I am in the grit of it all. I began to feel into my pain, embrace it, release it and feel grateful for the experiences. The painful memories that followed me throughout my life were being transformed into lessons leading to greater wisdom of knowing who I am and what my journey is about. This only makes sense to others when they have experienced this healing or are in the process of healing as this truth is being revealed to them.
What I now know is that these “nightmares” remained as my conscious mind in my dream reality continued to present the pain until I could face it subconsciously where I wasn’t willing to feel. Sounds backwards I am sure, but it so crystal clear to me. We know we incarnate with past life traumas that need to be healed and much of the work we do in our present incarnation integrate these experiences and heal across dimensions bringing us full circle and back to wholeness. I have experienced so much healing in this incarnation from my childhood traumas from the birthing process all the way through the journey into the adult trauma that continued on with feelings of abandonment, being unlovable, not being worthy enough, not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, etc. As I have healed the pain that stemmed from my parent child relationship with my mother specifically it opened my heart to so much more love and acceptance of not only me, but others as well.
I am not only a Hu-Man experiencing pain nor am I only a Hu-Man experiencing pleasure. I am everything in this journey, anything that is possible I Am! My memories are no longer focused on just the pain, sadness and loss during the Medieval times in which I lived. I have expanded my consciousness and now I have memories of the good times in my past incarnation that haunted for so much of my life. I now remember the happy times of festivals, dancing at gatherings with other beautiful women, the sisterhood that existed, children playing and community. I remember the playfulness of it all and the feeling of being carefree not just the suffering. . My childhood memories in this incarnation are no longer jaded with all that was painful for me. I now see a mother that lived in her own pain body, spirit and soul. I see a woman that needed to be loved so desperately, but felt so unworthy, she couldn’t allow you to love her. She cried more tears than any other Hu-Man I have ever personally seen. Though her expression was mostly terrifying there were times where I could see that unguarded mother that wanted to love me, and wanted to be vulnerable. I cherish those moments all the more today. My most favorite memory is when she would play a song by Donna Fargo titled Funny Face. She would play this song, and hold me close and dance with me. In those moments I now know that I was her rock, her strength and I was strong enough to be that person for her during that time in our lives. Mama thank you for all that you taught me and allowed me to be. I have you to thank for the realization of just how much of a warrior I Am.
It is this incarnation that is bringing me home. I have been on a mission of truth seeking, and soul searching leading me to acknowledgment, healing, gratitude and finding center. These two incarnations were very much entwined in healing my relationship with the divine feminine and all of our suffering throughout eons of time.
Whatever it is that keeps reoccurring in your life… that keeps you up at night… that pain… It is as trapped as you are. Face it, heal it and set Yourself free, free to Be…



There is a popular concept that has been promoted for quite sometime that as I have grown just does not resonate with me. I bought into it for awhile, but it feels quite shallow to me now. I am going to paraphrase as to not quote anyone specifically, because it has been quoted by many in various ways. The concept is to live in the now, because the past has already happened, which can’t be changed, and the future has not yet come and or is promised to no one.

I am present in the now. I give of myself 100% in the now. Who I am in the now comes from a sum total of my past experiences. For me to grow and become aware from these experiences I must reflect on these past experiences and hold them dear in my heart, because they are valuable life lessons. They are every part of this present person that I am in the now. The future may not be here in the now, but the future is one second away from the now. I AM. I have no beginning and I have no end, I Am. The future will always be, because I Am not limited to life in my physical body for however long I experience this journey. This flesh is facilitating an experience for this Divine Infinite Light Being and so I honor it for what it endures on my behalf. Past, Present and Future are always the now, because I Am always Present and Always will be. I AM. 
My two cents worth for the day and I respect where everyone is in their journey. This is a genuine truth that comes from knowing more of Who I Am. I Am Limitless. You Am too!

Loving unconditionally


Loving unconditionally is much more than the word love and being nice… it’s also about allowing both sides of duality to exist, and others their experience be it negative or positive without judging.  JUST BE! Don’t let anyone else convince you, that you are less than what you are! You are GREAT!


what is a dialectic

My Soul is fascinated with the Dialectic/Dichotomy of Conformity and Protocols. The idea of Conformity is foreign to My Soul, and hard to accept in this journey. Our Souls are not conformists, yet programs run all throughout this Universe to conform Us. We are taught to follow the protocols being presented by those that are perceived to know what is best for Us. Experiencing these conforming programs in our lives has taught Us one very important lesson. We know that We want to be FREE! Coming to awareness that these programs are propagated to control and enslave Us is the beginning of setting Our Souls Free again. I have had to examine these programs in my journey and how they took me from a natural state of Being into the programmed paradigms that exist. I Am debunking them in My journey, and this is bringing Me to the awareness of My Sovereignty. We do not have to agree to the programming any longer. We are waking up from the illusions and Remembering Who We Are… FREEDOM!


The Void


In some ancient texts we read about the Great Void which is related to a creation. I feel so much fear has been created around the Great Void, because it is our return to Self-bringing every fractal back together in full awareness of the love and light that we are. Imagine how bright and beautiful your light will be when you journey through this darkness and see your pure essence without limitation and distortion. Imagine Remembering and Knowing that Free and Sovereign Being that You Always Were. Imagine the Return to innocence and Being Home…


duality (1)

Do you remember when you knew that you were a Powerful Infinite Being? When we enter this Universe to experience the expression of Light and Duality, we leave that Knowing behind as we continue in this journey, so that we can embrace all there is as it is. I do feel that when we incarnate on Gaia coming out of the wombs of our mother’s, we have some memory of our Infinite Sovereignty. When you see babes going about their days, until they are taught otherwise, they are fearless, honest, not subject to authority or limitations. But, as some of us know, parents play their role of bringing us into the fold, and it is as it is meant to be, to begin our journey here into limitation, separation, and duality.
The most beautiful awareness that I have experienced in the last year is that we are the Creators of our own journey! I Am the Author, the Director, the Publisher, the Actor, and the Audience of my life story in this Universe. Wow! How empowering is that!!! When we come to Know this truth and I mean KNOW, not just believe it, what a game changer it is in this constant desire to have a purpose.
Understanding and acknowledging the truth of our role in creating this reality is the beginning of remembering who we are. The blame game can come to an end and our Sovereignty actualized.
Sounds GREAT! But, wait! What about compression? Ahh! We feel so free and Sovereign, like we can conquer anything, which we can, but compression for reintegrating and returning to center point is a very emotional process. I have been in a bit of denial as I have been coming into awareness of who I Am. I thought being an audience/witness to this journey would be a piece of cake. I have been perceived many times as being robotic, because I could move through situations without becoming emotionally invested. Speaking with a beloved brother George Kavassilas recently, he said no, robotic is the wrong word, stoic is more fitting, and once again I felt understood. This one statement healed another part of my being, and allowed me to judge myself less harshly.
I found myself even in my “awakened” state of being, that I still carried a lot of judgments of others in me as well. I was patting myself on the back at times, without even realizing I was doing so. I was such a great observer, and look at these other so called enlightened ones that stay in the drama, being reactionary to every false flag event, wrapped up in god programs, sports, arguing, bickering, debating just giving their power away, and I here I Am, I’ve got this! I still had some of that god program running in me at that time carrying around self-righteousness. Big difference in being Self-Centered and self-righteous Well, well, the beauty of this journey is that we will all experience and learn exactly what we intended, when we intended.
self righteousnessHeartsoul copy
So my life dramatically changed after ending the contract I have with the Being presenting himself as God of All. I was immediately observed by others as not so serious, lighter hearted, and easy going. I also began to experience more emotions, and was being pushed into directions that took me out of my comfort zone. One thing many have had to live with in coming into the truth of who we are is the real world. I was fortunate enough to not be in a work place, my children were grown, and I had no one to answer to other than my husband being in the role of his wife. My mother has passed, my birth father never wanted to know me, and my siblings are dispersed all over. I am not even subject to family drama. I didn’t have to deal with day to day goings on at a job, where I would be faced with religious, political, parenting type conversations, or the relationship issues that come with co-workers. I have not had to send my children off to school or to a doctor to have them vaccinated or be condemned for being an unfit parent. I have not been participating in the Matrix much at all other than with some technology and sharing my experiences with others.
I went through some attacks that started on July 4, 2014 due to this contract ending, but that was nothing compared to what would come after. I do not feel on any level as I have had time to process my recent journey that I was being attacked by the Matrix. I feel 100% that being not just taken out of my comfort zone, but to the extreme that this occurred, was exactly what my Soul wanted to experience so that I would open up more emotionally to the healing that was still left to do, and to fit my feet perfectly in the shoes of others that have had to experience their awakening on the frontlines in this Matrix experiencing compression in a way that I had not yet felt.
Since August of this year I have received a good dose of what it is like for most of Humanity in this Matrix as one with eyes open, and I applaud your bravery, your strength and your fortitude to continue on! There were days that I wanted to give up and let go of all of this. I felt that my world was falling apart, everything was spinning out of my control, and I was failing. I was in the midst of my darkest hour since becoming aware, and would I stand up and claim my Sovereignty or would I cowardly fold? After all, I KNOW that I Am here for this experience in this incarnation, and it is my most important ever! All of my life I had been a strong, independent woman that relied on no one for anything, not because I was a bad ass, I had no one to fall back on in a time of struggle. I now in the past twelve years had allowed myself to be vulnerable and depend on another, and I forgot what it was like to be a woman of strength. When it came down to decision time, there she was! Her light was beaming and she rose up to the occasion and she remembered who she was and what she was capable of. She wiped those tears away, she put the fears behind her and she played in the Matrix as the Sovereign Creator that she is! She was a Victor not a victim!

131862_10203513237888508_8910089064157598490_oWhat I learned from this experience is that a comfort zone is kind of like a vacation. It gives you time to rest, and rejuvenate, but no one stays on vacation indefinitely. Now, I am prepared for the next level of compression that I will go through in this Matrix, because every experience that I just had brought forward the Warrior in me. This Warrior is full of love and compassion for Humanity now more than ever, and deeply grateful for this Universal Journey.


walking home

Embracing Human aloneness is a testament our inner strength. We are absolutely unique; there is no other like You.
The same with our core being: Our most alone place is very Sacred– our Essence – is a reflection of our profound individuality and uniqueness. In our human relationships we are alone in that intimate place, not because we are an outcast or because we are loathed; we are alone at our center…our core being – because we are utterly unique in the deepest levels of our Soul, in a way that no one else can really know you like you know yourself.
So in truth…we are not alone; our aloneness is shared by every Soul, because every Essence is fundamentally alone. There is a difference in being alone, being an individual, being unique, and loneliness.


What I am about to express and share in this writing comes from about a two month battle with those that would have preferred that I just sat quietly at home keeping my questions and knowing’s to myself. I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this, but that was just another attempt to silence me, and I kind of like to do things my way. I have made a commitment to myself to be authentic and not be concerned with the perception that others may have of me. I know for those wanting to walk in authenticity feel me, and know where my heart is, and know who I Am, and I am so grateful for your presence in this journey with me. I have also had many communicate with me in private that they have, and or do suffer from similar experiences that I will be sharing. I keep hearing shame and fear of judgment associated over and over with their shares. So, I open my Heart to you by sharing my experiences and tell you, you are not alone, and you will always find your way through the pain in your own Divine timing.
Very shortly after I interviewed George Kavassilas at the end of May 2014 I started experiencing strange occurrences. There was nothing too major just little odd things that are not worth writing about, but got my attention. As it was getting closer to July 4th I had this brilliant idea to do another interview with George. My thinking was let’s put some authentic warrior energy into this Matrix and counter all of the energy that was being created through this false love for God, Country and Patriotism. We all know that during this time a huge amount of false light energy is being created that feeds these programs and the Being’s running them in this system.
George and I agreed to go for it and I was very excited to take part in this. Two hours before we were supposed to start the interview I became extremely sick. I started to feel very nauseous, and was having sharp stomach pains that were making it hard for me to even stand up. I was also very dizzy and weak. I was very close to cancelling, because I didn’t feel I would be able to function normally through our conversation. George and I talked and I shared with him what I was experiencing, but we decided to proceed as planned. During our conversation the energy was really out of balance and what I was experiencing was affecting George as well. Looking back now, I am not even sure if this was supposed to be an interview at all, but feel that it was about the shift that was going on within me and the contracts that I agreed to in this Matrix. During our conversation it was revealed that my contract with, I will just call him Yahweh, because that is the way that I communicated with him in our religious relationship, was coming to an end at that very moment. I was experiencing a full on attack, because he was so distraught over this contract coming to an end. His energy, his pain and loss was very present during this time and in the moment it was brutal. George also realized that during our conversation we were altering a timeline within the Matrix and that was not being received well. Since this time I have been in a daily battle, and it has been very difficult for me to communicate with others. I did feel different immediately after this contract ended. I felt less on edge and less serious. I always carried some of the residual brainwashing from Religion with me that created some internal conflict. I am happy to be free from that even with the backlash from it.
The following events that I will share span from July 4th to the present. I have been fighting nausea, stomach pains, dizziness and clarity daily, but I always communicate that I am a Sovereign Being and that I will stand through this, I will be ok, not only ok, I Am a Conqueror . I wake up in the mornings with bruises and burn marks on my body, crusty blood coming out of my left ear, intense abdominal pains as though I have just come out of a major surgery. There are days that it is hard for me to do anything other than just breathe.
I am not sure how much is being directed at my husband, but he has experienced some things as well, and together we have experienced some things we can’t explain. We woke the morning of July 11th to a notice on our front door left from the city police. Our security alarm had gone off. We have a literal siren by our bedroom door and five dogs. We heard no alarm, no phone call from the security company, no barking dogs, no doorbell from police, or door knocking. They were shining lights in our windows while we were supposedly sound asleep in our bed. It was like we were not in the house at all. We reviewed or security video footage from that night, because of finding the notice on our door. Naturally we wanted to know what had occurred, and what we found was shocking. If we had not seen the video we would have not known how much of an attempt there was to wake us. We didn’t have video in the house so we do not know if we were physically removed or being kept in a state of unconsciousness through what was taken place. There are clearly times when you are being interfered with without your knowledge. Pay attention to the abnormal situations and loss or addition to time so that you know them when they arise.
On another occasion I found a kitten under our back deck while bringing my dogs out. I stopped the dogs; put them back in the house so that I could help this kitten. It was very tiny, and still had the umbilical cord attached, and was wrapped in some kind of weeds. So I go into the house to get something to lay him in to bring him in with me. We went back to look at the footage to see what mama cat may have left this baby or did someone do it knowing we care for strays. What was most important is that I went out at 3pm to do this, but the camera shows me going outside and seeing the kitten at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. I only went out at 3pm with my awareness in this reality. In the other two-time periods I did a repeat of the actions that I know took place at 3pm except that I do not bring the kitten in on the other occasions. I only did this once at 3pm, and have no idea what was going on at 1pm and 2pm.
I just started taking photos of marks and have been advised to put a digital voice recorder in my room at night, because they never like to be caught, because their ability to interfere with us comes from the fact that most do not believe they exist, and that people who claim such experiences are mental. You are NOT crazy! You are NOT alone! It really did intensify after I interviewed George. I have had experiences my whole life, but nothing that was leaving me physically sick like this. It is very clear to me that what occurred with George and I on July 4th was far more significant to the Matrix than I may ever know while still in this incarnation, but I have lived the wrath of it.
Today, I feel the best that I have since all of this began, and the first time I was able to focus enough to write something down. For any going through these experiences I want you to know that you are making a difference somewhere in a major way, even if you are not aware of it, YOU ARE! Stand in your Sovereignty and Proclaim it to them. This is all about fear and getting you to quiet down and fall in line. You don’t have to! The fact that they fear you enough to put this much effort into you should tell you that what you are doing matters. Don’t give into the fear. We are not all at a place where we can see or feel the love in the journey when experiencing so much suffering, but we can say NO! We can call our Inner Warrior into action and denounce all fear! Remember Who You Are!