Remember Who YOU Are...

During a discussion I had with George Kavassilas I was made aware of an area I specialize in. We connected Heart to Heart. The information given to me to feel into blew me away in the moment. I went silent and skipped over it, because it struck a deep cord within me. It is something that I have yet to confront. My sharing this with you is the beginning of the process.
My Higher Self, My Soul Essence shared that it is fascinated with and studying the Dichotomy/Dialectic of Conformity and Protocols. The idea of conformity… the energy is foreign to me and hard for me. I need to understand and debunk that program. To understand how to debunk the programming I first need to understand it fully.
After listening to George share this with me, this is what I felt within.  “Our Souls are not conformists, yet programs run all throughout this Universe to conform Us. We are taught to follow the protocols being presented by those that are perceived to know what is best for Us. Experiencing these conforming programs in our lives has taught Us a very important lesson. We know that We want to be FREE! Coming to awareness that these programs are created to control and enslave Us is the beginning of setting Ourselves Free again. I am going to be exploring the programs I have experienced and am experiencing in my journey, and how they took me from natural state of Being, into the programmed paradigms that exist. We do not have to agree to the programming any longer.  We can remember and reclaim our Sovereignty.”
This was most definitely a Divine intervention. Lol! This is a struggle I have had my whole life, but kept it hidden from others. Maybe those that are intuitive enough have picked it up about me, but I have never verbalized this struggle until now.
We contract into this Universe with those that we choose to experience it with. Wow! Wow! Wow! Talk about taking away victimhood when we really KNOW this! I know most if not all of those reading this already understand this. I am just reflecting back over how this incarnation began here for me, and how it fits into what my Higher Self is so fascinated with. I can see that this has played into so many of my struggles and the pain that I chose to experience in this incarnation.
Conformity and Protocols do not lie only in well-known paradigms such as Religion, Science, and Government etc. It is truly Universal as above so below, and when we birth into this Arena it begins with the parent child relationship. I have so much to say on this I do not even know where to begin. I will just write and share as I explore more and more of myself.
As a child we must know we are Sovereign, because anyone observing children will see how free spirited they are. The parents want to raise the child with their own system of rules and obedience. As we all know there begins the conflict within parent child relationships. Whatever path one chose to take will dictate the dynamics in these relationships. This will also play a HUGE role in how well one agrees to the terms of programming that the Matrix offers.


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