what is a dialectic

My Soul is fascinated with the Dialectic/Dichotomy of Conformity and Protocols. The idea of Conformity is foreign to My Soul, and hard to accept in this journey. Our Souls are not conformists, yet programs run all throughout this Universe to conform Us. We are taught to follow the protocols being presented by those that are perceived to know what is best for Us. Experiencing these conforming programs in our lives has taught Us one very important lesson. We know that We want to be FREE! Coming to awareness that these programs are propagated to control and enslave Us is the beginning of setting Our Souls Free again. I have had to examine these programs in my journey and how they took me from a natural state of Being into the programmed paradigms that exist. I Am debunking them in My journey, and this is bringing Me to the awareness of My Sovereignty. We do not have to agree to the programming any longer. We are waking up from the illusions and Remembering Who We Are… FREEDOM!


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