What I am about to express and share in this writing comes from about a two month battle with those that would have preferred that I just sat quietly at home keeping my questions and knowing’s to myself. I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this, but that was just another attempt to silence me, and I kind of like to do things my way. I have made a commitment to myself to be authentic and not be concerned with the perception that others may have of me. I know for those wanting to walk in authenticity feel me, and know where my heart is, and know who I Am, and I am so grateful for your presence in this journey with me. I have also had many communicate with me in private that they have, and or do suffer from similar experiences that I will be sharing. I keep hearing shame and fear of judgment associated over and over with their shares. So, I open my Heart to you by sharing my experiences and tell you, you are not alone, and you will always find your way through the pain in your own Divine timing.
Very shortly after I interviewed George Kavassilas at the end of May 2014 I started experiencing strange occurrences. There was nothing too major just little odd things that are not worth writing about, but got my attention. As it was getting closer to July 4th I had this brilliant idea to do another interview with George. My thinking was let’s put some authentic warrior energy into this Matrix and counter all of the energy that was being created through this false love for God, Country and Patriotism. We all know that during this time a huge amount of false light energy is being created that feeds these programs and the Being’s running them in this system.
George and I agreed to go for it and I was very excited to take part in this. Two hours before we were supposed to start the interview I became extremely sick. I started to feel very nauseous, and was having sharp stomach pains that were making it hard for me to even stand up. I was also very dizzy and weak. I was very close to cancelling, because I didn’t feel I would be able to function normally through our conversation. George and I talked and I shared with him what I was experiencing, but we decided to proceed as planned. During our conversation the energy was really out of balance and what I was experiencing was affecting George as well. Looking back now, I am not even sure if this was supposed to be an interview at all, but feel that it was about the shift that was going on within me and the contracts that I agreed to in this Matrix. During our conversation it was revealed that my contract with, I will just call him Yahweh, because that is the way that I communicated with him in our religious relationship, was coming to an end at that very moment. I was experiencing a full on attack, because he was so distraught over this contract coming to an end. His energy, his pain and loss was very present during this time and in the moment it was brutal. George also realized that during our conversation we were altering a timeline within the Matrix and that was not being received well. Since this time I have been in a daily battle, and it has been very difficult for me to communicate with others. I did feel different immediately after this contract ended. I felt less on edge and less serious. I always carried some of the residual brainwashing from Religion with me that created some internal conflict. I am happy to be free from that even with the backlash from it.
The following events that I will share span from July 4th to the present. I have been fighting nausea, stomach pains, dizziness and clarity daily, but I always communicate that I am a Sovereign Being and that I will stand through this, I will be ok, not only ok, I Am a Conqueror . I wake up in the mornings with bruises and burn marks on my body, crusty blood coming out of my left ear, intense abdominal pains as though I have just come out of a major surgery. There are days that it is hard for me to do anything other than just breathe.
I am not sure how much is being directed at my husband, but he has experienced some things as well, and together we have experienced some things we can’t explain. We woke the morning of July 11th to a notice on our front door left from the city police. Our security alarm had gone off. We have a literal siren by our bedroom door and five dogs. We heard no alarm, no phone call from the security company, no barking dogs, no doorbell from police, or door knocking. They were shining lights in our windows while we were supposedly sound asleep in our bed. It was like we were not in the house at all. We reviewed or security video footage from that night, because of finding the notice on our door. Naturally we wanted to know what had occurred, and what we found was shocking. If we had not seen the video we would have not known how much of an attempt there was to wake us. We didn’t have video in the house so we do not know if we were physically removed or being kept in a state of unconsciousness through what was taken place. There are clearly times when you are being interfered with without your knowledge. Pay attention to the abnormal situations and loss or addition to time so that you know them when they arise.
On another occasion I found a kitten under our back deck while bringing my dogs out. I stopped the dogs; put them back in the house so that I could help this kitten. It was very tiny, and still had the umbilical cord attached, and was wrapped in some kind of weeds. So I go into the house to get something to lay him in to bring him in with me. We went back to look at the footage to see what mama cat may have left this baby or did someone do it knowing we care for strays. What was most important is that I went out at 3pm to do this, but the camera shows me going outside and seeing the kitten at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. I only went out at 3pm with my awareness in this reality. In the other two-time periods I did a repeat of the actions that I know took place at 3pm except that I do not bring the kitten in on the other occasions. I only did this once at 3pm, and have no idea what was going on at 1pm and 2pm.
I just started taking photos of marks and have been advised to put a digital voice recorder in my room at night, because they never like to be caught, because their ability to interfere with us comes from the fact that most do not believe they exist, and that people who claim such experiences are mental. You are NOT crazy! You are NOT alone! It really did intensify after I interviewed George. I have had experiences my whole life, but nothing that was leaving me physically sick like this. It is very clear to me that what occurred with George and I on July 4th was far more significant to the Matrix than I may ever know while still in this incarnation, but I have lived the wrath of it.
Today, I feel the best that I have since all of this began, and the first time I was able to focus enough to write something down. For any going through these experiences I want you to know that you are making a difference somewhere in a major way, even if you are not aware of it, YOU ARE! Stand in your Sovereignty and Proclaim it to them. This is all about fear and getting you to quiet down and fall in line. You don’t have to! The fact that they fear you enough to put this much effort into you should tell you that what you are doing matters. Don’t give into the fear. We are not all at a place where we can see or feel the love in the journey when experiencing so much suffering, but we can say NO! We can call our Inner Warrior into action and denounce all fear! Remember Who You Are!      


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