There is a popular concept that has been promoted for quite sometime that as I have grown just does not resonate with me. I bought into it for awhile, but it feels quite shallow to me now. I am going to paraphrase as to not quote anyone specifically, because it has been quoted by many in various ways. The concept is to live in the now, because the past has already happened, which can’t be changed, and the future has not yet come and or is promised to no one.

I am present in the now. I give of myself 100% in the now. Who I am in the now comes from a sum total of my past experiences. For me to grow and become aware from these experiences I must reflect on these past experiences and hold them dear in my heart, because they are valuable life lessons. They are every part of this present person that I am in the now. The future may not be here in the now, but the future is one second away from the now. I AM. I have no beginning and I have no end, I Am. The future will always be, because I Am not limited to life in my physical body for however long I experience this journey. This flesh is facilitating an experience for this Divine Infinite Light Being and so I honor it for what it endures on my behalf. Past, Present and Future are always the now, because I Am always Present and Always will be. I AM. 
My two cents worth for the day and I respect where everyone is in their journey. This is a genuine truth that comes from knowing more of Who I Am. I Am Limitless. You Am too!


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