Know Thyself

Our journey in this Universe is about balance and reintegration with Inner Self. Knowing that I AM Infinite Eternal and All Knowing means that it is ALL within Me. We are all experiencing compression within this Universe and lack of a consciousness that we are awakening to and becoming more aware of our Inner Self again. While we are in this Galactic Womb we are experiencing the Masculine and Feminine aspects of this Universal Creator, but the God Programs are always seeking worship & rituals and not Authentic Heart Connection. I love our Mother and every aspect of her role, and I love our Father and every aspect of his role. After all they are One Being expressing Self in this Universe of duality as though they are separate. Our role as Hu-Man’s is just as magnificent, as we are Co-Creating with the Creator of this Universe. We are all integrating, and our journey started with Heart Conscious Awareness, that is how we entered and that is how we shall leave. It is always about going within and connecting to our Heart Center to remember our Higher/Inner Self. There is a lot of deception around ones true Inner Light. Know that your path is from YOUR Heart as to not fall into the traps set by the God Programs. Remember Who You Are…


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