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Do you remember when you knew that you were a Powerful Infinite Being? When we enter this Universe to experience the expression of Light and Duality, we leave that Knowing behind as we continue in this journey, so that we can embrace all there is as it is. I do feel that when we incarnate on Gaia coming out of the wombs of our mother’s, we have some memory of our Infinite Sovereignty. When you see babes going about their days, until they are taught otherwise, they are fearless, honest, not subject to authority or limitations. But, as some of us know, parents play their role of bringing us into the fold, and it is as it is meant to be, to begin our journey here into limitation, separation, and duality.
The most beautiful awareness that I have experienced in the last year is that we are the Creators of our own journey! I Am the Author, the Director, the Publisher, the Actor, and the Audience of my life story in this Universe. Wow! How empowering is that!!! When we come to Know this truth and I mean KNOW, not just believe it, what a game changer it is in this constant desire to have a purpose.
Understanding and acknowledging the truth of our role in creating this reality is the beginning of remembering who we are. The blame game can come to an end and our Sovereignty actualized.
Sounds GREAT! But, wait! What about compression? Ahh! We feel so free and Sovereign, like we can conquer anything, which we can, but compression for reintegrating and returning to center point is a very emotional process. I have been in a bit of denial as I have been coming into awareness of who I Am. I thought being an audience/witness to this journey would be a piece of cake. I have been perceived many times as being robotic, because I could move through situations without becoming emotionally invested. Speaking with a beloved brother George Kavassilas recently, he said no, robotic is the wrong word, stoic is more fitting, and once again I felt understood. This one statement healed another part of my being, and allowed me to judge myself less harshly.
I found myself even in my “awakened” state of being, that I still carried a lot of judgments of others in me as well. I was patting myself on the back at times, without even realizing I was doing so. I was such a great observer, and look at these other so called enlightened ones that stay in the drama, being reactionary to every false flag event, wrapped up in god programs, sports, arguing, bickering, debating just giving their power away, and I here I Am, I’ve got this! I still had some of that god program running in me at that time carrying around self-righteousness. Big difference in being Self-Centered and self-righteous Well, well, the beauty of this journey is that we will all experience and learn exactly what we intended, when we intended.
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So my life dramatically changed after ending the contract I have with the Being presenting himself as God of All. I was immediately observed by others as not so serious, lighter hearted, and easy going. I also began to experience more emotions, and was being pushed into directions that took me out of my comfort zone. One thing many have had to live with in coming into the truth of who we are is the real world. I was fortunate enough to not be in a work place, my children were grown, and I had no one to answer to other than my husband being in the role of his wife. My mother has passed, my birth father never wanted to know me, and my siblings are dispersed all over. I am not even subject to family drama. I didn’t have to deal with day to day goings on at a job, where I would be faced with religious, political, parenting type conversations, or the relationship issues that come with co-workers. I have not had to send my children off to school or to a doctor to have them vaccinated or be condemned for being an unfit parent. I have not been participating in the Matrix much at all other than with some technology and sharing my experiences with others.
I went through some attacks that started on July 4, 2014 due to this contract ending, but that was nothing compared to what would come after. I do not feel on any level as I have had time to process my recent journey that I was being attacked by the Matrix. I feel 100% that being not just taken out of my comfort zone, but to the extreme that this occurred, was exactly what my Soul wanted to experience so that I would open up more emotionally to the healing that was still left to do, and to fit my feet perfectly in the shoes of others that have had to experience their awakening on the frontlines in this Matrix experiencing compression in a way that I had not yet felt.
Since August of this year I have received a good dose of what it is like for most of Humanity in this Matrix as one with eyes open, and I applaud your bravery, your strength and your fortitude to continue on! There were days that I wanted to give up and let go of all of this. I felt that my world was falling apart, everything was spinning out of my control, and I was failing. I was in the midst of my darkest hour since becoming aware, and would I stand up and claim my Sovereignty or would I cowardly fold? After all, I KNOW that I Am here for this experience in this incarnation, and it is my most important ever! All of my life I had been a strong, independent woman that relied on no one for anything, not because I was a bad ass, I had no one to fall back on in a time of struggle. I now in the past twelve years had allowed myself to be vulnerable and depend on another, and I forgot what it was like to be a woman of strength. When it came down to decision time, there she was! Her light was beaming and she rose up to the occasion and she remembered who she was and what she was capable of. She wiped those tears away, she put the fears behind her and she played in the Matrix as the Sovereign Creator that she is! She was a Victor not a victim!

131862_10203513237888508_8910089064157598490_oWhat I learned from this experience is that a comfort zone is kind of like a vacation. It gives you time to rest, and rejuvenate, but no one stays on vacation indefinitely. Now, I am prepared for the next level of compression that I will go through in this Matrix, because every experience that I just had brought forward the Warrior in me. This Warrior is full of love and compassion for Humanity now more than ever, and deeply grateful for this Universal Journey.


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