Free Your Mind And Allow Yourself To Feel...

Cells hear our consciousness; consciousness needs to remember to listen to our cells too.  What we speak to ourselves affects our cellular body and has the potential to become a false belief system in us. We have a heart consciousness and a mind consciousness that organically work together and create in harmony and love. But, we live in a world where humanity is being controlled by a Matrix for the mind. If someone were to ask you how you feel, would you know the answer? Or, would your mind intercept describing symptoms, but not feelings, do anything to avoid connecting to your heart consciousness to allow you to feel? Would your mind naturally avoid connection or is it the Matrix designed to keep you unplugged from the truth of who you are?

I recently experienced an energetic attack, which has not happened in quite some time. It made me feel disoriented and left me questioning myself. I connected with a soul sister shortly after instead of withdrawing, which is an easy pattern to fall into. She asked me how I felt. I started describing physical pains and how I could improve my body with what I eat, exercise etc. She said nope, stop, feel don’t think. That is your brain, not what you are feeling. Empty your mind. I think we all know how hard it is to empty our minds. I placed my hands on my heart center, and I asked my mind to step back, take a break and allow me to feel. It wasn’t the brains responsibility to feel, and with the challenges it faces on a daily basis from all of the programming it is tired. It needs us to give it a break and allow it to just be when we are able. Almost immediately there was total darkness surrounding me, it was my empty mind and then my heart consciousness was the strong presence and my body really began to feel. And, it wasn’t about judging the energetic attack. It was about remembering that my body needed to feel loved. My essence is love and this energetic force is bringing into my awareness an aspect of my shadow self to integrate and heal so that I can continue to remember. My body began to feel warm, cradled and my own energetic presence, my infinite light, The I Am that I Am. Once my mind was cleared from all of the programmed responses I could then engage with mind, body, soul, heart centered essence and I spoke empowering, loving, accepting, words out loud that needed to reverberate into this universe and connect with every fractal of my being as my cellular consciousness had just made a proclamation and it was another layer of deception and belief systems that were dismantled. Thank you for the experience Universe! 


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