Unconditional Love And Acceptance.

n my household the dynamics are so interesting. I am a vegan and my husband is not. I am sitting here eating lentil soup and he is eating his choice of food. Our feline family members are hanging out with him, while I am sitting in my corner in peace and enjoying my meal. lol! What I love about my family is that we really do live the talk. We love unconditionally. We aren't always on the same page with our life choices, but we do allow one another to be and we learn from one another every day. I use to think I wanted someone just like me, but now I know that the journey is so much more interesting when we have someone that brings out things in us that needed to be remembered. The differences do not put us at odds or tear us apart, because our energy is truly aligned with acceptance and gratitude, and that has created an inseparable bond.


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