The Door To Wisdom Is Knowing Yourself...

I have a little something that I have felt for weeks that needed to be expressed. It will be received well by some, and be offensive to others, but that is what happens when we speak from our hearts. This is intended for those that it resonates with in knowing you are not alone and that our creative energy is powerful.
There is a lot of drama being played out in the arena, which for many is a very painful process, and for others it is exciting representing a time of great change, a time of transformation that will bring us back to center point and remembering who we are as Divine Infinite Creators.
These dramas have been masterfully created as a distraction. Every faction is vying for superiority over our Mother PlanET and HU-Manity. And, as long as we are buying tickets for the events, showing up, picking a team and raging against those that appear to be our adversaries, we are not victorious. We are trophies, gold medals, badges of honor to those feeding off of this energy. Whenever someone attempts to exert power over us, that means they fear us. That fear of us and loss of power over us is their motivating factor in continuing to perform acts that keep us in a state of anger, fear, separation and self-loathing. Because we are mirroring back to them what they are projecting onto us, if we continue to engage in this repetitive loop.
There are many, not all, out there right now that have elevated themselves up as teachers, mentors, healers and ones that have the answers on how to exit this particular Matrix we are experiencing. Their actions are not proving to be integral with their words, and their words aren’t aligning with the work they are selling. I see many contradictions and feel so much deception on so many levels going on. So many caught up in the drama’s they claim to be free of. If it doesn’t feel right to you, trust your heart. We can’t follow everyone that has a service to sell. And, at the same time we are all co-creating everything that we are witnessing and will all fall into place with the timeline that is aligned with our soul’s destiny. I know this, and this is being written to the tribe that aligns with the journey that is returning to center, where there is no right or wrong. It is the place of Being where you are in Unity with all that is.
We have lost memory of the Infinite Love that we are. Many feel lost and disconnected from their Higher Self. But, that is an illusion that yet again has been fabricated. It served an amazing purpose that allowed for exploration, and self-discovery.
Being a Warrior does not mean that one has to engage in an energetic or physical battle that entangles us in a web of entrapment. I have a few phrases I repeat over and over again, because they are so powerful! During this period of great change… Remember Who You Are… Know Thyself… Just Be…
To master feeling complete in one’s aloneness is to master being complete in one’s oneness. Mastering knowing myself. We are never alone, we are always in state of wholeness and oneness with all that is outside of the illusion. KNOW THYSELF!  


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