What is Unconditional Love?

                                             What is Unconditional Love?

After a discussion I recently had about love during an interview, it really caused me to take pause and reflect on what love is.

If I perceive love the way in which it has been presented to us in this 3rd dimensional reality, it is very superficial and ego based. Distorted love is very conditional, based on how someone makes you feel, and how much in agreement they are with your personal belief systems. Distorted love can quickly turn into many different things. It can become disappointment, resentment, anger and hate. The reason that is so is because we have created so many expectations around the word love.

Unconditional love has been proclaimed by many including myself, yet unconditional love has no expectations, no limitations, no boundaries and no judgments of any kind. Therefore, once a condition of any kind has been put on love it is no longer unconditional. Love is very ephemeral in this dimension.
As, I really felt deep into this, into my memory and awareness of unconditional love, it became more clear to me how to express this verbally, though it is hard to experience it in actions with all of the distortions we are currently experiencing.

We are always connected to our Greater Being/Higher-Self/Infinite Essence, but because we are experiencing ourselves in multidimensional states of being as fractals of our Whole Sanctified Being, we have forgotten who we are. This divinely created manifestation is supporting every experience that our souls are to have immaculately. In the Higher Dimensions of where our Indestructible Unlimited Infiniteness resides we are Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is what created and sustains all that is and always has been.

When observing this reality from my Heart Center in connection with My Greater Being I Am experiencing and witnessing unconditional love. It is not a feeling as we would associate it mentally within our earthly bodies. It is a graceful inflowment of harmonies, frequencies and vibrations where we are beings of Infinite Light and Infinite Love beyond the void. It is beyond time, limitations and illusions of separation, beyond all of the drama and the roles we play in this arena.

There is no good versus evil. There is only Love, and that is Infinite Isness of Just Being…


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